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The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party is a community driven NFT project with portions of profits going to end world hunger and help protect endangered species. This collection is comprised of 10,000 unique Hippos living their best life on the polygon blockchain.

Many species of animals are suffering from the current state of our planet. They are losing their natural habitats and food sources due to climate change, industrialization, deforestation etc. This is why we are going to donate five percent of profits to help endangered species. While our wildlife suffers, there are also many humans around the planet experiencing similar issues. Natural disasters, global policies and the state of our current affairs have left many homeless and hungry. For this reason we will also be donating another five percent of profits to help with homelessness and feeding hungry folks around the world.

The collection comprises 10,000 unique Hangry Hippos. 100 Hippos will be withheld from the party for giveaways, promotions, contests, etc



Of NFTs are sold

Hippo Hodlers vote on two charities in which to donate; an organization that assists in feeding the homeless and hungry, and an organization which protects endangered species.

Of NFTs are sold

Ten of the Hippos being withheld will be airdropped to ten random Hippo Hodlers.

Of NFTs are sold

The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party official merchandise released in a shop exclusively for Hippo Hodlers.

Of NFTs are sold

We will purchase a location in Decentraland or Sandbox for the future home and next phase of The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party, a private club for Hodlers.


Hippos are sold out

Private club open for Hodlers in Metaverse. Free swag and random airdrops to Hodlers. Next collection of NFTs revealed and minting launched. Hippo Hodlers at time of launch given half off of the next collection.

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